Friday, 21 October 2011

Shhh...THEY might be listening...

Yes, true to form (For a James Bond Blog) we're off with a Conspiracy movie post, no, not the Bourne series or those Opus Dei weirdos chasing Tom Hanks - no, I'm a fan of the genre's Seventies offerings. Here goes;

3 Days of the Condor
Robert Redford reads books - for the CIA. His character, Joe Turner unwittingly uncovers a plot to steal the middle east oil supply (Bells ringing anyone?), causing the death of his section office. He fights to survive and get the story to the press. One of my all-time favourites.

Capricorn One
Elliott Gould is a reporter (Robert Caulfield), who stumbles across a plot to fake the first manned mission to Mars. To keep them quiet, sinister government types try to kill the unwitting crew. Astronauts James Brolin, Sam Waterston and O.J. Simpson go on the run in the lethal heat of the desert.
Gould receives help from an unlikely source, namely Telly Savalas, whose character Albain hires him his ageing biplane to help in the search for survivors. This predates the 'We didn't go to the Moon' conspiracy so popular today, but I'm wondering if O.J.'s astronaut-glove fitted...

Marathon Man
Is it safe?, well, no, not very... Dustin Hoffman is Thomas Babington Levy, a history student haunted by his father's suicide, after he was tainted by the McCarthy hearings. Known as 'Babe', Levy Jnr is unaware that the elder brother he dotes on, 'Doc' (Roy Scheider) is a Government Agent, working with William Devane's character, a shady operator called Janeway.
Dr.Christian Szell, a magnificent, evil ex-nazi dentist portrayed by Laurence Olivier has done a deal to retrieve millions of dollars of diamonds - loot from the Third Reich. Following 'Doc's' involvement in this deal, 'Babe' gets sucked in. After a dental torture scene that has to be endured to be appreciated, 'Babe' escapes and tracks the sinister Szell down to a confrontation...
This is an absolute MUST - Olivier and Hoffman each deliver cinematic genius, John Schlesinger's Direction ensures they are displayed to the full.

These are just three - more to follow at a later date, folks... 

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