Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Enemy Action

To 'quote' Auric Goldfinger; 'Once is Happenstance, Twice is Co-Incidence; Three times is enemy action... So here it is; the Elvis Presley-Michael Jackson Co-Incidence bit!.
Oh...Kay. Look, I know; usually these things are written by people even less lucid than myself, usually the gist is the celebrity is alive and, having gone to the trouble of faking their own death (presumably losing fortunes as their Amex Black Cards were cancelled) they also left a trail of clues hinting at the whole scheme, often involving (variously) oddly-dressed people at their own funerals, aliases they used in hotels to avoid fans and the Turin shroud. (This last seems to be a cry for help; the fanATIC involved clearly having Jesus/Celebrity-of-choice boundary issues)

I'm not trying to say anything particular with all this; I don't think Elvis is alive, or that Michael Jackson was so obsessed with Presley that he copied him - yes, there are similarities here, but both had more than a few changes of wardrobe, so co-incidences are more than likely. Yes, Elvis had Graceland, Michael Never, both had pet Chimps (Scatter, for the record, who bit Elvis' maid) and a certain Lisa Marie was loved by both (God alone knows what she was doing with MJ - I certainly don't). (Actually, I could have a word with my neighbour Visel Preysel - lovely old guy, knows a bit about things, always on the phone though, rowing with some old girl called 'Prissy'...)

Here goes then; as always I've taken alarming liberties with copyright and my lawyer Soo Mee (Graduate of the Taiwan Law Academy 2011/If she wins the appeal and they drop the charges) is standing by...

'Co-incidences mean you're on the right path' - Simon Van Booy

'Those shoes are black - and that's a shirt anyway' - Disgrunted Blog Viewer
'No Refunds' - Me
 O.K. ok, bear with us...
Big old belt buckles - and note Jackson's badges - any similarities here?; Elvis was a voracious collector of Law Enforcement badges. No?, o.k., next slide...(Hey, I'm a child of the seventies - there should be a topless lady with 'How'd that get in there?')

'Co-Incidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys' - Emma Bull
Well, at last Elvis earnt his (If in a remarkably short time... good PR for the Army?, well, yes, but I've read his service report-the future King certainly took it seriously...)

Finally - photos showing two discredited, if not dodgy World leaders - Nixon and Jackso... sorry, couldn't resist - Elvis' visit to the White House is worth a Wiki, while MJ met George Bush Snr...

'I went into this fancy French restaurant, it was called Deja Vu. The Head-Waiter came up to me and said "Don't I know you?"' - Rod Schmidt

Just a quickie (Oo-er Missus-) this really was just a Co-Incidence thing, nothing more - BUT, I could have shown pictures of both Stars deceased; I have seen the pictures on-line and frankly, that's not for the Jungle Room. Funny, quirky: yes, it's in, but we all draw our own lines...

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