Monday, 10 September 2012


No, really; Book-Number Bingo is finally with us. Yes, it must be like the future got broken; there you are, on your High-Tech laptop/I-phone/Tablet/Sinclair ZX-80 and it's all 3-D grafix, things hurtling past your stunned eyes and sound effects that send cats scampering off into the basement... then you click on my blog and, voila!, through the magic that is/isn't really Linux and a 1990's-era pc you are left, stunned, bewildered, but mainly annoyed that you fell for this low-tech/rent kerrap again... Well, o.k. it's not exactly Pixar's latest offering, but after a week on holiday/Carlsberg this effort was all I could be bothered with...
Hey, what have you got (left) to lose? - thats right, just play the game and it'll be better in the morning*.

*It won't.

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