Friday, 5 October 2012

The Art of Elvis

One of the most recognisable images is that of Elvis Presley - whether it's the slick kid with the crazy legs or jokeshop Elvis - that most imitated of looks whereby anyone with a few bucks (or quid) can buy a comedy wig, glasses and a cheap satin jumpsuit... Imitation remains the sincerest form of flattery, but for many of us, the image holds a message. Deciphering this message is the task of a lifetime, but the image of Elvis speaks to many and on different levels. Heavy? - well, maybe - here's some pictures of The King from various artists, so lets see how they interpret the message behind the image... (Or, lets look at some piccies of Elvis - hey, I don't care so long as you are having fun!).

Can you believe this one is a pencil drawing? - amazing!
The late John Berkey's image of The King was submitted for consideration to become an American postage stamp. Berkey was a well-respected science fiction artist, whose work included the cover art for the book of the original Star Wars film.
This work is by Deviant Art contributor b_positive; a clever way of combining a statement with an image.
Rob De Vries is an amazing artist; the following two works use the proximity of the subject to convey an immediacy not always possible with such a reclusive and isolated star as Elvis became.

This picture is a personal favourite.

Another evocative piece, a good muted use of colour and form.

A different approach; suggestive of animation, another favourite.

The image shows just enough detail - the lack of colour lends the picture a documentary sort of feel - a kind of reality to me.
Andy Warhol - never one of my favourite artists, but art is a matter of taste...

Tattoo style imagery here, it works for me!

No explanation really needed - a serious work that stands with the very best.

Emotion, intensity and an honest approach seem to be behind this portrait. Remarkable.

This one started out as a photo, the artist digitally enhancing and then adding to the image.


An irreverent take on the image...

Caricature has a place in art; here it shows the humour of the performer...

Riotous colour, a mean, moody Elvis here!

Unbelievable attention to detail!

These last two are oddities at first sight; Elvis & Marilyn?, cool! - my favourite is the portrait of Priscilla as Rock 'n Roll Lolita...

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