Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pinball Daze - Extra Bonus Level!

Yes, you got a replay... whilst researching my articule, I stumbled drunkenly across some cool stuff regarding backglass art. Seems artists like to hide stuff, such as messages, jokes, names etc in their work. This should be well-known to anyone who studies film-making; its called Easter Eggs in modern parlance and generally pinball artists such as David G.Christensen have become famous for this sort of malarkey.
Example?; Sure! see if you can spot the rude stuff Christensen slipped into his backglass art for the Captain Fantastic pinball - uncensored versions of which change hands for big bucks...
And did we all spot the hidden Adolf Hitler?. The man in the three piece suit is said to be Tom Nieman, VP of Marketing at Bally pinball co, whilst 'Brutus' is a depiction of artist Paul Faris.

Want more on the hidden art of pinball?;



Finally, check out this amazing site for a history of the wonder that is pinball;

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