Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bond in COLOUR

When I started rinsing-erm, collecting James Bond photos from the Interweb, I was struck by the amount of publicity shots etc that were in Black and White. The medium has appeal - I defy you to watch The Maltese Falcon and not be struck by the enduring quality of the monochromatic image. That said, the devil made work and I bought a copy of a popular photo-colorisation program. I found some of my favourite B&W photos and I'm not claiming the early results are perfect - or even better than some of the hilariously bad foreign Goldfinger lobby cards I've seen. See what you think...

 ABOVE: Photo copyright Terry O'Neill
 ABOVE/BELOW: The 'gadget' and chase cars from Goldfinger
 BELOW: A tense Sean Connery plays Billiards as Dr.No is premiered

 BELOW: Skyfall; the original image is in colour, but this is how a colorised version looks.

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