Sunday, 5 April 2015


 ABOVE: THE ASTON MARTIN DB10 unveiled for SPECTRE. Only 10 will be offered for sale.
BELOW: (Main Picture: The DB10) THE JAGUAR C-X75 - MR.HINX'S car. The car on the left is the stunt car used for close-up shots of Dave Bautista, being driven by the stunt driver in the cage on the roof.
ABOVE: Land Rover Discovery Sports and Land Rover Defenders feature in SPECTRE
 ABOVE: THE DB10 in Rome
BELOW: THE C-X75. Here at Volcano Cat, we rate the DB10 top for gadgets, the Jaguar for looks.
 BELOW: Daniel Craig picks up his new Lotus Evora 400 from Group Lotus HQ, Norfolk, England. Note the number plate-the same as on 'Wet Nellie', the Lotus Esprit S1 featured in The Spy Who Loved Me...

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