Thursday, 7 May 2015


The World According To Blofeld's Cat - Unofficial Musings From The Volcano Lair

 Who knew that Blofeld's cat was taking it all in?. Even as he sat stroking his fluffy white kitty, menacing the World the cat had evil ambitions of his own...

Offering his thoughts on such diverse areas as Astrology, Tabloids and even Reality TV – Blofeld's Cat (What is his name?) takes us on a tour of his world with charm, wit... and pirhanas. But, should you buy it?.
Yep. This book's a scream – and not just for Bond nuts. Attractively priced, it's clear the team behind the book were aiming at the Christmas & Birthday markets; its perfect as a gift for 007 fans with a sense of humour (And, I'm guessing, cat lovers.) £7.99 gets you a modestly sized, beautifully produced hardback with an expensive feel to it. The chapters are all bite-sized and undemanding time-wise, with a giggle in some, belly laughs in most. The real joy for me are the wonderful cartoons – real gems that perfectly compliment the work and give it real character. (If there isn't an animated series in this I'm badly mistaken). First rate stocking-filler material that you can't go wrong with – or as Blofeld's Cat himself might put it; buy a copy for yourself and bah! Humbug! To Christmas!.

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BLOFELD'S CAT is available from all good bookshops – some crappy ones too - for the miserly sum of £7.99. You want the ISBN number?; oh, wait a minute... here it is... ISBN 978-0-7509-5961-2

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All artwork on this page courtesy of and is the copyright of Mark Beynon, Alistair Beynon and Chris Pauli. Any attempt at reproduction will result in the cat's revenge; Claude Balls.

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