Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fifteen (count 'em) reasons Sean Connery was the best Bond

Those videos you see everywhere now, inane insultingly-obvious lists on the lines of 'The five best Rock Hudson one-liners' or 'Ten ways to drive squirrels nuts.' Nothing worse. So, with the inevitability of an unloved season*... we're insulting your intelligence with ANOTHER one of these pointless listy-jobbies. Now, the consensus here is Roger Moore was the most fun, Daniel Craig the grittiest, Lazenby the worst at real-life decision making and so forth... but is there any doubt here?. With his style, cat-like grace (At least in the first two films) and casual economy of movement, Connery was Bond. The version below is the low-quality one - dear old Blogger limits videos to 100mb - but the all-singing, crystal-clear and shiny version is at; 15 Reasons Sean Connery was the best Bond - HD

 *Yes, we've used that line before. Inevitably, we'll foist it on you again sometime. Probably Spring.

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