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Sunday 24 March 2024

The James Bond AI Challenge - Part Five

Yes, here we go for the fifth - and last part of our AI Bondy-Challengy thing. Y. We started at the beginning with 'Dr.No' and we'll end with the not at all controversial 'No Time To Die'. As we speak - or rather type, rumors are flying around of a new Actor to fill the role, so hopefully we won't have to wait too long before a fresh movie comes along we can all love/hate/both! 

And yes, we noticed the AI stuck a weird '70' on there. We would have edited out, but when we asked him, VC just blinked at us and went back to sleep... Ah well!

We made it! This was mainly an exercise to try our hand at AI - Microsoft's Bing/Co-Pilot was variously a joy and a nightmare to work with - literally refusing to produce images of Daniel Craig, yet input 'James Bond' and you get... Daniel Craig. Well, that's Microsoft all over - great ideas, often atrociously implemented. But! We'd still say their AI is one of the very best, along with Midjourney - and you get 15 free credits per day with an account, plus you get points which you can put towards gift cards etc (Though not, as yet towards getting extra images on Co-Pilot, which is Microsoft  being Microsoft) You aren't limited to 15 creds worth of images, but when you run out, generation is slower. So that's you told. Come back and see us soon, we have no clue what we'll have for you WONDERFUL people, but it WILL be worth it, we hope!

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