Thursday, 25 October 2012

The power of suggestion...

Yes, forty five (Horribly appropriate in my case) - we're up to 45 posts or so; as Tarzan said Safari so-goody and as 1; They haven't caught me yet and X; You are actually disturbed enough to be reading this (Clinical Psychololologists exempted) I'm guessing that someone, somewhere is entertained by my ramblations...

So, I'll pop the question (Already married, but thanks anyway 'Russian Lady I love you handsome British men' / Nigerian Princess seeks help releasing $4.2 Mil Ugandan; that position is taken...);

Is there anything you, the lovely readers out there would like to see on this blog?. Any suggestions at all - it could be virtually anything; as well as the obvious 007/Elvis stuff I cover a fair range of stuff - mostly pop culture, stuff appealing to middle-of-the-road mid-life chaps like me, but as I say - it could be just about anything...

I would suggest though, if its Justin Beiber or Slipknot perhaps somewhere else (Motorhead, ZZ-Top, Zappa, Alice Cooper, Sinatra, The Doors is more my line), but... you get the idea.

Suggestions, comments, critique please; either here or;

@Coastwriter67 on Twitter

Have fun! Mark

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