Thursday, 25 October 2012

The gif(t) of Elvis...

As HQ has just informed me; dinner is ten minutes away... so, as it's Bangers, Mash n'Onions I'll be brief... (Simple fare, perhaps, but my wife, the long-suffering Mrs.S is a Cockney* - that means lots of things, but in the food area we're talking simple, well-cooked traditional British nosh - top grub!.*As opposed to Mockneys, those annoyingly loud post-yuppie pumpers that claim 'Orfentick Lahndan Ancesterey' because their grand-dad's aunt's best friend once visited Big Ben. Mrs.S was born in Newham, as in the East End of London and just three minutes from West Ham FC.)

So, have some Elvis GIFS - those animated amusements (They amuse me) that slow your computer down maddeningly, never save when you want them to, but are one of my childish delights... (I didn't do the Elvis Vegas one or the Animated Elvis Cartoon, I nicke...appropriated those...)

Elvis & Nixon - you'd never believe it, but EP did actually make the trip - on a whim - to the White House to meet Tricky Dicky, offering his services as an undercover drug agent (UnderCOVER? - the guy was more famous than Pepsi!) and a sort of youth ambassador in the nation's fight against commie thinking and drugs generally. I won't waste too much time pointing out the obvious, but Elvis' drug use was, as he saw it, legit - doctors prescribed the drugs so they were o.k.. As opposed to scoring on street corners. I guess being alone at the top for so long, you turn to whatever comfort you can find. Anyway - I love this one, not least as EP looked his best here.

(Roustabout - the only Elvis movie I own, bought for £2 at a charity shop...) Cornball, but fun. BTW - If you see it, check the bike through the fence stunt - isn't that actually Elvis Presley doing the stunt?... Anyway, dinner's ready!...

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