Friday, 16 November 2012

Whats the most useful Book to own?...

...Well; 'Trade Secrets' - Everything you will ever need to know about Everything might be a good contender for the title. Compiled by Meg Sanders, Annie Ashworth, Katherine Lapworth and Alexandra Fraser, the book expands on the BBC series Trade Secrets, in which various professionals give their handy tips on just about everything imaginable. The book's contents pages start with Accountants and end with Wine Merchants - but there's a comprehensive index at the back for specifics.
Examples?; right you are guv'nor; one from the 'Car Valets' section; If the car is only mildly dirty, just leather it off rather than washing it. It saves time and effort and keeps the car looking its best.
Or, how about this from the 'Models' section; Accentuate your cheekbones - say the word 'poor', while keeping your lips soft, and hold for a couple of seconds.
There's advice from Caterers, Actors, Cameramen, Musicians - you name it (No Zoologists, but plenty of different animals are covered). Some of it is unlikely to come in handy (I'm not planning a children's party or keeping exotic animals as pets), but it all depends on you; the stain removal stuff is well-thumbed in our flat...  Well worth owning!.

Orion Publishing; ISBN-10: 0752856057 ISBN-13: 978-075285605

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