Thursday, 29 November 2012

Heads Up...

Yes, after extensive consultation* I decided to make some changes around here; a new template, a new look - and some adverts. Well, it went something like this;
Me; Hello nice computer people (from companies I won't name) can I have ads on my blog?.
THEM: No - the blog didn't meet our exacting criteria (!). Well, screw 'em; you'd have hated me anyway and I can always change this in a week to a morally preachy message claiming I'm opposed to commercialism on the net...
I had dollar bill signs rolling in front of me like a slot machine. That just left the template; it is quite easy - for everyone who isn't me. There's a woman on our street who shouts at cats; she probably knows how to change templates and she dribbles a lot more than I do... well, it's a work in progress.  

P.S. As a WIP it joins the others on the official list, which starts with 'Finish History Homework - since I left school in 1984, this gives you an idea of the time frame to expect.
*The actual levels of consult are highly classified, but think along the lines of, say the consultation British subjects were offered before we were thrown to the European wolves as a sort of indignantly squeaky dog toy.

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