Monday, 8 June 2015

Behind the Scenes of... Star Wars

 ABOVE: Dennis Muren with the Death Star at ILM
BELOW: John Dykstra at work

BELOW: Continuity Shots taken by Ann Skinner
 ABOVE: Biggs Darklighter's tatooine scenes ended up on the cutting room floor - Biggs (played by Garrick Hagon) appears in the rebel base scene and the attack on the Death Star.
BELOW: Anthony Forrest plays 'Fixer', also cut from the film.

 BELOW: Actress Koo Stark, famous for dating Prince Andrew; her scenes as Camie were cut from the final film.


 ABOVE: Maria De Aragon plays Greedo in scenes with an articulated head...
While Paul Blake playes him for other shots

 ABOVE: Board? - between takes Anthony Daniels rested on a custom-made tilt board to avoid damage to the Threepio suit.
 ABOVE: A rare Shot of an early Landspeeder prototype.
BELOW: Ogle Noor Design Consultancy made the finished article, seen here unpainted.

 ABOVE: Peter Cushing's Tarkin menaces Leia (Carrie Fisher) Strongman Dave Prowse plays Darth Vader. His West Country accent wasn't right for the role so James Earl Jones voiced the part. Lucas had wanted Orson Wells for the voice.

 ABOVE: Nerves?, George Lucas with an early Artoo prototype. The strain of producing such a film must have been immense.

 ABOVE: Happy Birthday Alec!
 ABOVE: Han Solo poses besides Elstree studios.
 BELOW: Kenny Baker plays R2-D2. His comedy partner
Jack Purvis appears as a Jawa and as different aliens in the two Trilogy sequels.

 BELOW: Aunt Beru as played by Shelagh Fraser

 BELOW: Several versions of the landspeeder were used; this one sits on an arm like a fairground ride. Another version was wheeled with a mirror running below the body to create an illusion of hovering.

 ABOVE: Filming the Jawa sandcrawler model in Randsburg, California
BELOW: Tunisian extras hired for the Tatooine scenes

 BELOW: Ootini!

 ABOVE: Death Star droids
BELOW: Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) relaxes with Mark Hamill

BELOW: The Millenium Falcon in various stages of construction

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