Monday, 8 June 2015

Star Wars - Early visions; The art of Ralph McQuarrie

ABOVE & BELOW: The Star Wars became 'Star Wars' and was promoted at the '76 San Diego comic-con with star Mark Hamill
 These fascinating artworks show the development of Star Wars and it's characters. These early works helped sell the film to doubtful studio executives.

BELOW: Released as portfolios, McQuarrie's visionary artwork defined and shaped the look of the original trilogy (I had all three portfolios, sadly long lost...) Note the trooper with lightsaber and an earlier version of Han Solo similiarly armed...
 BELOW; Top left; the original Millenium falcon design was eventually modified to become the rebel blockade runner...

ABOVE: note the docking bay illustrations; the original design for Han's ship and the familiar Millenium Falcon are shown together... early versions of Artoo and Threepio can be seen on the jundland wastes...

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