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Filming in Amsterdam, Holland. (Top right) Bruce Glover (Mr.Wint) and Putter Smith (Mr.Kidd) arrive to commit murder (Bottom left)

(LtoR; Sean Connery at Frankfurt Airport, July 1971, with Lana Wood (Playing the unimproveably-named Plenty O'Toole) and Denise Perrier, filming the pre-title sequence)
Shooting the Penthouse sequence at Pinewood; Ken Adam's set was a show-stopper.
A L'Hotel; the glamorous suite at the Whyte House was, of course a studio set at Pinewood.
The futuristic Elrod House, designed by John Lautner and built in 1968 appears as Willard Whyte's Winter Villa. Bond fights bodyguards Bambi (Lola Larson) and Thumper (Trina Parks) to free Whyte.
Movie-making is 1% action and 99% preparation; in this case waiting.
Thumper shows where she got her nickname; Trina Parks becomes the first Afro-American Bond girl by raising a knee for womankind... OUCH!
Bond back on top.
Real life 'Willard Whyte' Howard Hughes was a friend of Cubby Broccoli, hence doors opened across Las Vegas; here Connery tries his luck between shots (One shot was delayed for him to collect his winnings), waits for his cue and just waits...

...and waits. In his hotel room (Top) choosing his wardrobe and on set.
Friendly Relations; it has been reported - perhaps not without substance, that Connery enjoyed the charms of both his leading ladies during production. Perhaps the most red-blooded of Bonds, Connery's dark looks and smooth/rough manner saw him regularly top 'World's Sexiest Man' polls.
NSFW? - not here; as this is a 'Safe for Work' blog (See my Tumblr blog for the un-censored images; Just click the 'Tales from the Jungle Room image to the right of this page) I have added modesty stars to the following shots - Connery posing with the legendary Showgirls of Las Vegas.
(Top) Perhaps the only time I've wished Connery would throw in the towel...
Denise Perrier was Miss World 1953 (France), Jill St. John is, of course, Tiffany Case and we've already met Trina Parks...

More relaxation; Terry O'Neill's images capture the lighter, more human side of being Bond.
Master Models made the satellite-launching rocket for the film; for more of their staggering work, go to

Blofeld is played by Charles Gray, here posing with the Batho-Sub and for a make-up test. Out in the Nevada desert, Sean Connery discusses details. Bruce Glover and Putter Smith wait for their moment.
Eating, Driving, Walking. The Moon-buggy was made by Hollywood vehicle maker Dean Jeffries.
Not sure I'd want to fetch the ball... Connery plays his favourite game on the Moon and in the desert.
Waiting for Tiffany... this scene was shot at the Kirk Douglas house, Palm Springs.
Three Seans; two continents - the middle shot is at Pinewood, the others in Nevada. Terry O'Neill's image of Connery resting his hands on a coffin lid has become one of the Iconic images of the Twentieth Century.
This is the End... the final battle sequence. (Some shots were nearly ruined when pyrotechnics were detonated prematurely, but luckily some camera-men started rolling in time to catch the action.)

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