Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Behind the Scenes - Live and Let Die

 Above and Below; The New 007, Roger Moore relaxes with Producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.
 Above and Below; Filming in New Orleans.

Above; Guy Hamilton directed Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die and would go on to direct The Man with the Golden Gun. Here, he directs Gloria Hendry (Rosie) and Roger Moore (Bond)
Above; Geoffrey Holder and Jane Seymour on set. Holder plays Baron Samedi, the mystical Voodoo Loa. Seymour is Solitaire, a Voodoo High Priestess and clairvoyant.
Above; Dirctor Guy Hamilton confers with Roger Moore and Harry Saltzman at Lakefront Airport, outside of New Orleans. Below; Roger Moore posing somewhat awkwardly.
Above; a break from the fun for some serious action.
 Below: Cinematographer Ted Moore worked on films such as Dr.No, From Russia with Love (For which he won a BAFTA) Goldfinger, Thunderball, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun (Although illness prevented him completing the picture)
Below: Filming at Pinewood Studios, England. Mister Big's lair.
 007 poses with a revolver.
Below: The legendary Ross Kananga. Passing his crocodile farm, the sign 'Trespassers will be Eaten' intrigued the producers. A colourful character, Kananga performed the stunt where 007 runs across the backs of several crocs, giving his name to the villain played by Yaphet Kotto. Sadly, Kananga died in 1978 age 32 of heart failure while spear fishing. 
 Below; The boat chase. One of the great stunt sequences, the production started with Roger Moore crashing a speedboat when it lost power, chipping a tooth. Many years later, Daniel Craig suffered an almost identical injury filming a boat sequence.
Guy Hamilton and camera operator Bob Kindred hang on as Roger Moore drives through the Bayou.
Above: Stunt Driver Murray Cleveland doubles for Roger Moore.
Below: Filming the hang-gliding sequence. Bill Bennett, the Australian hang-gliding pioneer doubled for Bond in the air, with Roger Moore suspended precariously over a cliff-edge for one sequence. Here, a point of view shot is being prepared.
Below; filming on the Kananga's lair set at Pinewood. Bond and Solitaire have to escape from becoming a Shark's dinner.

Below; Kananga and Bond fight to the death, the scene choreographed by Geoffrey Holder.
Below; Finally, as part of his contract, the new Bond insisted on an unlimited supply of his favourite Montecristo cigars.


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