Saturday, 1 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Volcano Cat!

Yes, its that time of year, a time for some to gently contemplate the life of a remarkable man, a man who gave his life so that we might reap the rewards at Christmas... but enough about Elvis (Though the Elvis Christmas album is a genuine treasure) and let's get to the real reasons for Christmas....
These vary according to perspective; for many of us, family comes first, in a time of sharing and togetherness. Others have a religious viewpoint, celebrating their faith with likeminded people. The board members of Britian's supermarkets come together in agreement as to how best to persuade us that Christmas should be brought forward - to January 2nd.

Now, I appreciate that for many of you this is all a bit soon - we've got our tree and decs up already, and it's the start of December... why not?. The British way is to gently tut-tut about such frippery - you can shoot someone in the head with a Magnum .44 and the average Brit will merely ask you to keep the noise down. So, amidst a chorus of disapproving tutting... Merry Christmas to one and all. May the seasonal spirit fill your hearts with joy and lift your spirits - whatever your faith or religious leanings.

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